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Shuihua Travel Guide

Suihua lies in the Heilongjiang Province, like a crap which is ready to spring onto the foot of Xiaoxinganling Mountain in the junction of Songhuajiang River and Nenjiang River. In order to develop tourism, Suihua sets up an a group of ecological tourist attractions like Jin’gui Mountain Resort, Jindou Bay Tourist Area, Lanxi Dahe Island Ecological Park, Suiling Huanlong Lake Manor, and Qing’an Liu River Reservoir ,etc. Besides, Shen Mei Tian Ci Kang and Hongxing Conservable Milk have been categorized as the provincial tourist commodities. In recent yeas, Suihua has also put out a series of new mementoes and other goods for travelers, such as Songbeiwang beans, Qing’an Shuangjie rice, traditional paper-cut of Manchu, Beidahuang etching, and so on.

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