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Xingtai Travel Guide

Xingtai city of Hebei Province has a long history of above 3,500 years. Many scenic spots and historic sites of Xingtai is regarded as ‘A famous scenic spot with precipitous and perious mountains’. In the city proper are Kaiyuan Temple built in the Kaiyuan period of Tang dynasty, Qingfeng Tower built in Ming Dynasty, and Guo Shoujin Memorial Hall built to commemorate Guo Shoujin—an outstanding scientist in Yuan Dynasty. In the western mountainous area are many natural scenic spots of Taihang Ranges, including Zhangguolao Mountain (Zhang Guolao is one of ‘the Eight Immorals’ ), Baiyun Mountain, Xiaoxi Mountain, Linxiao Mountain and Huoping Valley etc.. In Baixiang County, the mysterious tree peonies, planted in Han Dynasty.


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