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Cangzhou Travel Guide

Cangzhou city lies in the southeast of Hebei Province, close to Beijing city and Tianjin city in the north, and connecting Shangdong province in the south, in the east embracing the Bohai Sea. The city is situated on the touring belt surrounding Beijing, Tianjin and Bohai Sea. With the long history and unique features, Cangzhou city is abundant in touring resources and is well known as “Three Water Zones” and “Six Hometowns”. “Three water Zones” means that it is bounded by Bohai sea with the coastline of 95.3 kilometers in the east and leaned by Baiyang Dian (famous as “a bright pearl in Huabei”) with the water area covering one sixth of the whole Baiyang Dian Zone in the west, and the Beijing-Hangzhou canal.


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