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Silk Road Introductions

Silk Road, is the collective name given to a number of trade routes linking the Chinese and Roman Empire. The long and winding Silk Road in northwest China has a history of more than two thousand years. This ancient route starts from the old capitals of Luoyang and Xi'an and reaches the Yellow River at Lanzhou and then follows along the "Gansu Corridor" and stretches along the edge of deserts and mountains.

Trade along the route were conducted by central Asian Merchants from who brought horses, cattle, furs, hides and luxuries such as ivory and jade. New goods were also introduced to the Chinese by the traders such as Cucumber, walnut, sesame, figs, alfalfa and pomegranate, and new skills such as using grapes to make wine, which enriched China's ancient civilization

The plodding caravans and the central Asia merchants both became part of history. Today the Silk Road tells many stories of ancient times and the changes to society. The thousands of kilometers are filled with cultural heritage and historical sites. The route has become increasingly popular among travelers.